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SRWC offers a comprehensive list of health related services to help prevent and treat workplace injuries. We can also provide a comprehensive wellness program for employers and their employees. Our ultimate goal is to prevent injuries and illness, thus decreasing health related costs, including Workers' Compensation claims, and develop a workplace climate of healthy living.

Industrial Services Offered

  1. Physical Capacity Profile (PCP)® Testing

    We offer Post-Hire testing, Baseline testing for current employees, Fit For Duty testing following injury, surgery, etc., and Functional Capacity Evaluation or FCE's (coming soon). 

    The Physical Capacity Profile® Testing System matches physical abilities to the physical demands of a job, creating a cost-effective, efficient work force. The PCP test helps employers by:
    1. Reducing injuries by ensuring employees have the physical strength to safely perform their job responsibilities.

    2. Reducing workers' compensation exposure by documenting impairments that an employee brings with them to the workplace, per the American Medical Association Guides.

    3. Providing pre-injury baseline measurements on an employee allowing treating professionals to expedite the rehabilitation process.

  2. Ergonomic and Worksite Analysis

    An analysis of the worksite and individual workstations can be completed and recommendations will be made for modifications to help maximize productivity and decrease injury.

  3. Job Description Consulting

  4. Job Placement Consulting

  5. Drug Testing (coming soon)

  6. Physical Therapy Evaluation & Treatment for Workers' Compensation Injuries

  7. Wellness Programs

    We have partnered with the Panhandle Public Health District to bring the National Diabetes Prevention Program to work sites. For more information on how you can bring this program to your work site, please call 308-254-4979.

    Also for more information on our other wellness programs, go to our Wellness page.

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