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SRWC is a professionally run business with friendly, knowledgeable staff. Therapy is applied with good hands and good results.


I had a good experience with Casey Cortney at SRWC. I have receive help from her several times for different problems, and have had success with the exercises given me to manage chronic conditions on my own. The staff at SRWC are always friendly and make me feel comfortable.


I had a great experience at Sidney Rehabilitation & Wellness Clinic. I had a total knee replacement on my left knee. There was some pain with rehabilitation but we worked through the pain. I am doing great, better than expected now. I am getting the right knee done soon and will go to no other place for rehab. I have total confidence in SRWC. I am not looking forward to another surgery, but I know it will be alright with SRWC.

Julius Tracy

I was quite pleased with the physical therapy regimen provided to me by Dr. Cortney. She was able to teach me a wide range of exercises that have improved my joint strength and mobility. I wouldn't say that enduring physical therapy was a joyful experience, but Dr. Cortney was able to push me to greater recovery and help restore confidence when the body acted like no progress was being made. I would recommend Dr. Cortney to anyone needing physical therapy.

Tom Sonntag

Dr. Cortney and Sidney Rehabilitation & Wellness Clinic have been a great help in my recovery from a left knee replacement. With every visit I have gained more mobility and function. I will be returning to Sidney Rehabilitation & Wellness Clinic after I have my right knee replaced.

Kathy Gorman, Potter, NE

After having my hips replaced 8 years ago, my left hip became sore and stiff making it very hard to walk, sit and sleep. My VA health provider suggested I try PT. My wife had used SRWC before and had great success. SRWC was prompt in scheduling me for an evaluation. Dr. Cortney gave me exercises for motion and stretching, and within a very short time I was able to function normal. Dr. Cortney and her staff at SRWC are very helpful and professional. If I need PT in the future, I will go back because I got real results.

Bill Klingman, Chappell, NE

I am so pleased with my experience at SRWC, the staff is pleasant and knowledgeable. The facilities are modern and clean, calm and comforting. Scheduling is easy and the pricing for optional wellness products is on point! Thankfully, for me I am already seeing results and it's incredible, after months of pain. I see light at the end of the tunnel. I'm also excited to use other services they offer not related to my reason for referral! What a great small town resource, a real treasure.

Shannon Wilde

Sidney Rehabilitation & Wellness Clinic has been a "blessing" for me. I had become stiff and unsure of my footing when walking or rising from chairs. Dr. Cortney worked with me on improving these things. I was able to park right by the door, which was very helpful, and I appreciated Dr. Cortney's flexibility in scheduling.

Dr. Cortney was always ready for me and had visuals to assist me with my exercises at home. She was always patient and stressed what I needed to do to get better.

Paula Sharman

I was very pleased with the treatment I received at Sidney Rehabilitation & Wellness Clinic. I was treated for low back pain and with the treatments and daily exercise I have improved.

Doris J

I am extremely satisfied with the professional help Casey provided following foot surgery. After surgery I had no weight bearing for nine weeks (due to infection in incisions), so I was in dire need to get everything to "work" again. She has done wonders for me, and I always looked forward to seeing Casey and her great assistant, Jessica. Casey also helped me with advice for wound care for my incisions. Her knowledge and advice was very helpful.

I plan to have my other foot corrected in seven months. Needless to say, I will return to Sidney Rehabilitation & Wellness Clinic for the physical therapy. I highly recommend this great clinic.

Rochelle S.

Wow! Where do I start? I went to SRWC due to terrible pain in my knee. I was prepared to convince Casey that I really needed her help, but she shocked me. She patiently explained the therapy plan for my knee. It was painful at first, but not unbearable. No pain, no gain, right? To my relief the knee is better. Casey is kind, which is a rare quality. SRWC's secretary is also polite and kind. Anytime I know someone needing physical therapy, I immediately mention SRWC. Thank you, Casey and Jessica!

Cindie Eckley

I had shoulder surgery due to 40 years of tower climbing. Casey started slow to protect the surgery. She then progressed the exercise to gain mobility and strength. After three months I was strong and able to work again.

Good job!

Dennis L. Brothers, Potter, NE

I first went to SRWC in July of 2015. I am an Army Veteran and due to distance from the Cheyenne VA Medical Center, I was able to use VA Choice program and see Casey in Sidney. I was having intense back pain that wouldn't allow me to get out of bed some days. She treated my back and gave me exercises to do at home. Today, I can tell you I rarely have any back pain.

I am seeing Casey again following shoulder surgery for stretching and strengthening of my shoulder. I have not completed therapy, but have all the faith in Casey to get me close to 100%.

Casey always treats me with respect and answers all my questions, and is always up for conversation. I will always go to SRWC for therapy and send everyone I know their way.

Anthony Isenbart, Kimball, NE

I was having pain in my right knee. Eventually I was limping and the discomfort was waking me at night. I went to Sidney Rehabilitation & Wellness Clinic to see if physical therapy could help me manage the pain. It did! In fact the pain is all but gone. And as a "bonus" I have learned about the structure of the knee, the muscles, tendons and ligaments...thanks for the lessons Casey! Oh, and a hint...if you actually do the stretches/exercises you are asked to do on your "off" days, the progress is much faster. Continuing the exercises after treatment has helped me maintain the strength I gained through physical therapy.

Gail McDowell

I suffered a severely broken leg and dislocated foot which put my normal life and work on hold. Thanks to the hours of dedication and guidance by Casey at Sidney Rehabilitation & Wellness Clinic, I recuperated quickly and life returned to normal. I will be forever grateful for the kindness and service provided by Casey and Jessica.

Brent M. Barnes

Casey's expertise and knowledge in her field has helped me recover to 100% after my knee surgery. Also after injuring my finger and two surgeries later, Casey has been able to help me get the most use out of my finger. I will definitely use her services again in the future. I would highly recommend Sidney Rehabilitation & Wellness Clinic to others. Thank you Casey!

Robert Potts

My oncologist recommended I see a physical therapist as I was struggling with the beginnings of lymphedema from invasive breast cancer. I was concerned about controlling the swelling in my arm. Casey, at Sidney Rehabilitation & Wellness Clinic was referred to me by the PT department in Julesburg, CO. I am thankful for the professional care of Jessica, in the SRWC office, and Casey, who with her PT wisdom and instructions, taught me to manage lymphedema with decongestive exercises and self-lymphatic massage. These exercises will be continued on my own for the rest of my life. I had a very good experience with Jessica and Casey at SRWC and I would highly recommend SRWC to anyone needing PT.

Sharon Hastings - Chappell, NE

My relationship with Casey began after I was referred by a local physician for residual pain I was having in my neck from a car accident 9 months earlier. Her initial evaluation was very thorough and I felt like she really listened to me as we discussed the history of my injury and prior care. After reviewing our options, we agreed to try myofascial release therapy, which is a hands on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. Casey has been very professional with my treatment while also getting to know me as a person and is very patient with me as I try to describe my progress each week, even though it's not always as measurable as we might like. I'm grateful for the progress I'm seeing and for her continued support.

Sheri S.

I've had eight weeks of therapy by Casey Cortney, for my neck, it was so bad I could hardly turn my neck. Casey had my neck and shoulder in fine shape. I've known Casey for many years, Casey fixed my legs several years ago when she was at the hospital in Kimball. What a therapist, I think she is wonderful and have recommended her to many of my friends.

Beverly Wilson - Kimball, NE

From the beginning to the end I was totally pleased with the care, treatment, and concerns of my well being. I would recommend SRWC to anyone who needed treatment.

Lois C.

I went to Sidney Rehabilitation & Wellness Clinic on the recommendation of a satisfied patient and my doctor, so I felt confident going to SRWC. The decision to attend SRWC has certainly been a good decision. The accommodating service and care of Casey and staff has been very good. The pain and discomfort I was feeling when I came has been relieved far better than I thought it would be. I couldn't be happier with my whole experience with SRWC.

Carol from Kimball

How fortunate I was to find Casey Cortney and SRWC. I have been struggling with the beginnings of lymphedema and was very concerned about controlling it. I had inquired about lymphatic massage a year ago and was told no physical therapists in Sidney did this. This was totally amazing in itself considering the number of women who have breast cancer with lymph node removal. In Casey's hands, I have learned self-massage and will continue this therapy on my own for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for your help, your patience, and your caring method of instruction.

Barb McRoberts

Casey really helped me regain strength and range of motion following surgery. Highly recommended!

Marne Feuerborn

I have been going to Sidney Rehabilitation & Wellness Clinic for the past several months. I have had two major back surgeries as well as an extensive neck fusion. I was in need of some therapy so that I could get back to doing some of the normal things in my life. Casey has shown me the up most respect and listened to my concerns while guiding me through some exercises and massages to try and get me some relief. She truly is knowledgeable in her job and has a passion for rehabilitating her clients. I have had a very pleasant experience with her and her staff. They were always willing to answer any questions I may ask and were so accommodating while scheduling my appointments. I always felt that I was a priority during each and every appointment. It is nice to have such a facility in our area.

Pat Rufenacht

I met Casey in 1996 when my Wife was involved in an auto accident. We were very impressed with her skills and knowledge. After just having six weeks of therapy for a hip replacement, her skills and knowledge still impresses me.

Jerry J. Kocourek

I chose Sidney Rehabilitation & Wellness Clinic to help me with my sports injury and surgery. I have been very impressed. Their care and rehabilitation services proved to be very important in my recovery. I was consistently satisfied with their professionalism and customer service. I would recommend them in the future. Fantastic Job!

Brad F.

I have been using Sidney Rehabilitation & Wellness Clinic for my therapy needs for several years. Our family has been through several surgeries, in which we have required therapy and we have all seen great success. After my most recent surgery, a spinal fusion, I was guided through exercises to build back up to walking several miles, and I have even started running again.Casey has also provided me great relief for fibromyalgia pain, which leads to extreme headaches. I have been receiving regular treatments for several years, which helps me maintain a quality of life that I need to keep going to work on a daily basis. Casey truly cares for her patients and the times when I'm struggling with pain management, I truly feel her empathy. SRWC has been flexible with scheduling around my work schedule, which is also a great help.

Julie Bond - Lodgepole, NE

Upon getting both of my knees replaced, I checked with SRWC as an option for my post surgery therapy. I chose SRWC due to the fact that I would be able to have therapy with only one person. When I started therapy I found Casey to show concern for me, not only as a patient but as a person. Through all my sessions she encouraged me to try to better myself on each different set of movements, and to continue working by myself at home. I am happy to say that when I made my scheduled appointments with Dr.Sisk, he was very pleased with my progress, throughout my therapy sessions to my complete release from his care.I highly recommend SRWC to anyone needing therapy. Thank you Casey for all your help and support.

Larry Fisbeck

My experience with SRWC was professional. Every visit was helpful to my improvement from a fall on my shoulder. Casey perceived an injury that needed further care, and as a result I had a MRI and an orthopedic doctor noted a torn rotator cuff and tendons. I appreciate the professional expertise, concern and connections. I highly recommend SRWC to anyone who needs PT.

P.C. Castle

I have had two shoulder replacements in the last four years and my therapist was Casey Cortney. She is very good at what she does and I always looked forward to my appointment. Casey and her staff are very professional and I highly recommend SRWC. My doctor said I healed faster than usual, which I believe was due to my therapist.

Eileen Gran

I have been a patient at Sidney Rehabilitation & Wellness Clinic a number of times in the last 2-3 years. Casey has always been professional in her approach to my care and I've always had great results. Casey is dedicated to her profession and is an asset to the community. I recommend my friends go to Sidney Rehabilitation & Wellness Clinic.

Larry Reiser

Having had chronic and acute pain, a friend referred me to Casey Cortney and SRWC, for possible help. I have been a patient at SRWC for two years and with appointments for various pain problems, I have been very satisfied with the resolution of my pain. I am very appreciative of the personal care I receive. Scheduling appointments by the administrative assistant has always been handled excellently. My appointments have always been on time and service fees have been explained to me, and I believe these fees are quite reasonable. Communication with Casey has always been excellent and has led to better treatment of my ailment at the time of service. The treatment I receive at SRWC is the best I have ever known from a health care provider.

E. Schmidt

Joe had a shoulder replacement surgery done on both shoulders and Casey did his rehab. The doctors in Ft. Collins were very pleased with the rehab she did. Sharon had her knee replaced and also had rehab with Casey. We both were very pleased with the physical therapy Casey provided us.

Joe & Sharon Hargreaves

I found out I was living with body discomforts that I did not have to carry around everyday. When a person feels discomfort or pain in any area of the body it is helpful to have a professional consider your overall health and explain to you what your situation is and how treatments can improve your mobility in life. This is exactly what SRWC did for me. A visit does not take long and you can find relief in your trouble areas. You are given exercises and advice for continuing therapy at home. SRWC is a friendly and roomy place for you to become a motivated person again. Thank you for caring.

Glenda R.

Because of my husband's positive experience at SRWC in alleviating his acute pain, he set up an appointment for me with Casey, when I had some problems. I was amazed after 1 treatment the pain had subsided and after 2, the pain was gone. Casey is more than willing to help with whatever pain issue I take to her. Casey's knowledgeable and informative advice about exercise and preventative measures to alleviate further problems is greatly appreciated. SRWC's staff is very courteous and when you schedule an appointment you can be sure they are punctual. CASEY KNOWS HER STUFF!

Stacey S.

I have been going to SRWC for a few years for different things. I am so amazed at how fast I have healed. Casey is very professional as is her staff. They are also caring and kind. I would recommend, and have recommended, SRWC to anyone who needs physical therapy!


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